Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Cover Reveal - Under His Ink by Maya Hughes

Title: Under His Ink
Author: Maya Hughes
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: Letitia Hasser, RBA Designs
Release Date: March 8, 2018


She’s etching her mark on my skin and the pain has never felt better…

Dahlia got caught up in my dangerous past a long time ago, but she rebuilt her life. Now, I’m back because she’s the only person I can trust. And I couldn’t stay away for another day.

Being near me means danger for the both of us because no one leave the mob unscathed. She’s inking over my past one day at a time and its strictly business for her, but the flames licking at our heels aren’t just from the heat between us.

But the only thing harder than leaving the mob is leaving her. I’ll show her that what we have it forever as long as I’m still breathing…

Under His Ink is a 55,000 word second chance mob romance. 

Author Bio

Maya Hughes has always loved romance novels. One look at her Kindle is confirmation. She started writing her first romance novel while pregnant with her third child and she hasn’t looked back. Now, her romance writing addiction has replaced her romance reading addiction.

You can find her writing on her foldable keyboard and phone anytime inspiration strikes. Her sweet and steamy stories range from rockstars to small towns and everything in between. When she’s not writing, she’s playing with her three kids, running errands or vegging on the couch with the love of her life and biggest fan, her husband.

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Review: Their Virgin PA

Their Virgin PA Their Virgin PA by S.C. Daiko
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Two bosses.
Closer than brothers but almost exact opposites personality wise.
One virgin PA who despises wealth and those who flaunt it.
At least she thought she did...

Blake & Declan are not overly arrogant billionaires, yes they smell like money but theres more to them than their bank accounts. Sara finds herself attracted to both of them but when she finally gives into her attraction she finds out their secret which changes everything.
Sara was amazing in how she handled the guys, as much as she didn't appear to be an extremely strong woman, what she did for them proved she absolutely was.

Their Virgin PA is emotionally charged, sexy journey of discovery and acceptance.
It's hot as hell and sweet at the same time!
4.5 stars

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Review: Something About a Mountain Man

Something About a Mountain Man Something About a Mountain Man by Em Petrova
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Livvy lives for adventure, she's been everywhere in every condition known to man to get photos in the moment including the front lines.
Ryan saved her life, she was injured and flown out immediately. She never knew what happened to Ryan, knew he was hurt but that he was alive but never got to thank him.
During her month of downtime she decides shes going to thank him face to face, and that means travelling into the mountains of Wyoming to find his cabin.
Ryan is a tortured soul, he's got scars on his body and in his mind. He prefers to be alone and after recovering from his injuries he checked out, disappeared into the mountains where he's build a life for himself.
The last thing he ever expected was for the woman whose life he saved to show up at his door.
First he's angry, which is to be expected but she slowly grows on him.
They both have scars and shared experience, is it enough for them to build on?

I adored Ryan and Livvy. Both stubborn yet determined to go their own way, seeing them butt heads repeatedly made this story.
I love this entire series but I think Ryan and Livvy are my new favorites!

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Review: Justice

Justice Justice by K.C. Lynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my goodness... I CANNOT wait for the rest of this series!
The Creed brothers stole my heart and I am dying to get the other two boys stories asap.
Book one is Justice and Ryanne's story.
Justice's childhood was hell, he and his brothers by circumstance ran and never looked back. Luckily for them a kind man took them in as his own and raised them as a parent should.
Ryanne's life looks perfect on the outside, being a part of one of the towns founding families puts a ton of pressure on her. Expectations she can't quite live up to, a mother who is anything but and the supposed good guy isn't exactly that.
She wanted him for Justice keeps but knew it wasn't possible, he inturn wanted her more than he knew he was capable of and lost it when she left town.
Fast forward about 6 years and he's found her.
Justice has a whole knew role to play, his life is going to be something he truly never expected.
But first he has some issues to work through. Feeling as if two of the most important people in his life had betrayed him have left him angry and bitter, he needs to handle that as well as work with the woman he loved and now sort of despises to get their lives where they need to be.
There's one hell of a struggle in this book and it extends to each and every family member not just the hero & heroine. As secrets come out it looks like Thatcher and Ryanne's betrayal are the least of everyones concerns.

Oh my I loved this book, I was happy to get Justice's ending but the questions I'm left with, Brax & Knox's futures, Thatcher's as well. I cannot wait for the next book.

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Review: Menage on Ryder Ranch

Menage on Ryder Ranch Menage on Ryder Ranch by Bella Settarra
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As if I didn't already LOVE the Men of Moone Mountain series, the author tossed in Cam & Max, military vets and made this one my absolute favorite so far!
When Cam & Max come home for a funeral Hope thinks her time has finally come, the guys will claim her and they'll live happily ever after. But once their home it doesn't seem as if she'll get her happily ever after.
With the ranch floundering, someone threatening Hope and the guys indecision about their military future things couldn't be further from okay for everyone involved.
Miscommunication, anger and a little jealousy have everyone chasing their tails trying to get it right.

These three are my favorites in the series, hands down.
I have loved each an every story so far but this one I want to read again just so I don't have to let the characters go.

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Catching London by MV Ellis

Title: Catching London
Author: MV Ellis
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Genre: Rock Star Romance
 Release Date: February 17, 2018


He’s not looking to change his bad boy ways.

Arlo Jones is a badass millionaire rock star with the world at his feet. He lives the “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” lifestyle to the max, and believes in working hard and playing harder. He’s a man who always gets what he wants, especially when it comes to women. Until he meets London.

She’s a damaged dancer not looking to fall.

All London Llwellyn wants is to rebuild her life following the tragic car accident that robbed her of her fiancé, and ended her career as a professional ballet dancer. She’s working two jobs to scrape together the cash to set up her own studio, and reinvent herself as a photographer. The last thing she wants is to get involved.

Arlo promises to always be there to catch her, but can London trust him enough to let herself fall?

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$1.99 (half price!) for a limited time


Author Bio

MV ELLIS knows what it’s like to fall head over heels in love with a badass musician. She followed her heart halfway around the world to be with one. She moved from London to Sydney after a steamy holiday romance with a sexy bass player in sultry Brazil.

Twelve years, two children and a dog later, and she’s still smitten. All this with a guy she sat next to on a bus for 36 hours! She has toured internationally as a “WAG,” and her experiences inspire her writing.

Ellis’s love of romance began when she was 11 years old, after a summer spent secretly reading her auntie’s books. She’s been a sucker for an alpha hero and strong heroine ever since.

An avid reader, Ellis always knew she’d write a book of her own one day. She was right about that. Following a career spanning advertising, marketing, and social media, she finally wrote Catching London in 2017.

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Cover Reveal - Irish Crown by Nashoda Rose

Title: Irish Crown
Author: Nashoda Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Sara Eirew Photographer & Designer
Model: Mike Chabot
Release Date: April 9, 2018


From the New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Nashoda Rose, comes a new, sexy standalone romance novel. 

I finally have my shit together. FINALLY. Successful career, new house, great friends and my good for nothing ex-boyfriend long gone.

I was looking for a safe, secure, picket fence kind of guy, but instead I got the Irish you’re-not-ready-for-this Deaglan Kane.

Tattooed. Sexy. And totally unavailable.

I planned for us to be a fling. But Deaglan has other plans and suddenly having my shit together is long gone.

Because my past is back full throttle and Deaglan Kane isn't who I thought he was.


I sighed, hugging the pillow closer and waiting with baited breath for him to come back to bed.
It was Sunday and I didn’t have to work today, so I kind of hoped he’d do that thing with his tongue again.
My body quivered and I bit my lower lip.
He sat on the edge of the mattress and without a single glance my way, he said, “Pet, I have shit to do.”
I tensed.
Then the daisy heads snapped off and the velvet petals shrivelled up in my belly.
Uh, what?
Suddenly, that hot raspy Irish accent didn’t sound so hot.
Okay, I wasn’t expecting a proposal or anything, not by a long shot, but I did expect a morning kiss and a possible number exchange for a possible second date. Or rather first date.
He didn’t even pretend like he’d call.
God, was I that naïve?
I sat up, taking the sheet with me. “Excuse me?”
He bent, picked up his cargo pants from the floor and tugged them on.
“I have shit to do, babe. I called a cab. It’ll be here any second.”
My heart slammed into my chest. He called me a cab? Was I supposed to think this was okay because he called me a cab?
Because it wasn’t. It totally wasn’t.
There was a brief honk outside.
Oh. My. God. When did he call me a cab? When he had his finger in my ass.

Author Bio

Nashoda Rose is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of twelve romance novels, including the Tear Asunder series, the spin-off Unyielding series, and the paranormal Scars of the Wraiths.

She lives outside of Toronto where she enjoys hiking with her Newfoundland dog and riding her horses.

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